Finally that old dirtbag died | Fuck the whole british royal inbred family

The british cult of personality  goes on. This time it’s not about the untalented Spicegirls or those faggoty group named Take that. Brits know how to propaganda and they want to force their shitty and boring culture like Downton Abbey over the rest of the world. This time it’s about that old fucking bitch Elisabeth, whose decaying stinking corpse has been travelling throughout the country for 11 days. That show us how shitty the English operetta culture really is. We Iranians spit in the face of Elisabeth and the whole fucking royal family.

Britain was and still is a force of evil in the world. Their international supremacy was bought by the largest drug selling operation in the history of the world, which culminated in the Opium wars. For 2 centuries they forced China to let the British empire make millions of Chines people addicted of opium. For that they used their colonial power to force India and later on Iran to build waste drug plantages of opium.

The brits had no problem of convincing the Turkish foreign rulers of Iran at that time, the despicable and pervert Qajars, to shift the cultivation of crops to opium and cotton. All in all three great famines took place in Iran: The Persian famine of 1870–1872 (12 Millions dead), the Persian famine of 1917–1919 (10 Millions dead) and the Persian famine of 1942–1943 (4 Millions dead).

Persian famine

In all the above instances the big landowners which consisted of muslim clerics and Turk aristocrats played a major role in the famine. The Iranian death toll of the three famines (26 Millions) exceeds the death toll of the European holocaust by far. The British empire together with the Russia and especially the royal British inbred family played a key role in confiscating, hoarding and speculating with the food supplies in Iran.

Persian famine

The latter famine was the punishment for Iran declaring neutrality in the second world war. The Brits went even so far defaming Reza Shah Pahlavi of being an ally of the Nazis, even though  he always kept his distance to the Turkish-German bloodlust of exterminating whole people. The inbred Brits went even so far to claim that Reza Shah changed the name of Persia to Iran solely to show his affection for Adolf Hitler and his Turkish inspired ideology. That lie exists until today. Never mind that Iranians call their Land since 3000 years Iran and the land of Aryans. That’s how filthy that whole Brit culture is.

Persian famine

In all the time the Brits colonized Iran, it was with the help of the Turks of the Qajar, Afshar and other tribes. The Brits not only did help and finance the brutal Turkish foreign rulers of Iran, they were also the mentors and financiers of the muslim clerics, known as Mullah and Axoond. During the constitutional revolution in Iran Britain interfered constantly to prevent the Iranian people to get their democratic Independence from foreign rulers, be it British, Russian or Turkish.

The British and Russian embassy were spy nests and sanctuaries alike for the Mullahs. Several times the Brits even tried to reinstall the bloodthirsty Turks of the Qajar tribes as the new Iranian monarch. The modern style clothing of the Mullahs were designed by Britain and until today they use BBC Persia als their propaganda organ, to promote and pay homage to the mullahs in whole and Khamenei in special. Antiiranian criminals like Masoud Behnoud, who participated in the mass killing of loyal Iranian military members, calls himself a journalist, is an agent of the mullah-regime and one prominent employee of BBC. Khamenei is always referred to as Agha, Khan and supreme leader, spitting hereby in the face of the Iranian people.

But the British royal family plays also a major role in propping up the genocidal and fanatic dictatorship in Azerbaijan. Lord Sebastian Coe helped to organize the 2015 European games there and also the British controlled Formula One uses AzerGAYjan as one of their racing stations. The dictator Aliyev is frank in announcing that there is no Armenian land and that all Armenian territories belong to the genocidal Turks.

Instead of condemning Elisabeth for her silence and her role as the friendly winking face of the evil British rule, she is celebrated as a demi-god. Instead of carting her corpse around the country, her corpse should have being fucked by rabid dogs and all that should have been televised for 11 days. We Iranians hope that Schottland finally seceds from the evil British empire, so that only the City of London remains, which is practically a filthy and disgusting Pakiland 2.0. Let’s not forget how Britain condoned paki loverboys to systematically rape and force underprivileged minors in to prostitution.

When I think about Britain I just want to throw up. Even those Brit-exports in the USA like Douglas Murray are outmost despicable and lying muterfuckers. He vilifies Donald Trump with the lies of the mainstream press and is one christian fanatic piece of shit. Or take Piers Morgan with his crippled jaw and his disgusting English accent who arranges the footage of an interview of Donald Trump in a way, to present him in a bad light. John Oliver is another ugly uptight disgusting creature and that these mutherfucker have been naturalized, shows how badly the USA is in decline, when they allow their greatest enemies to enter their land, become Americans and continue to undermine American democracy.

The only thing these people can do best is lying, defaming, and living a parasitic life at a cost of millions of dead people all around the world. And now get those rabid dogs, inject them with cocaine and viagra, dig up that corpse of that fucking bitch Elisabeth and then broadcast for 11 days how she is being fucked in public.

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5 Antworten zu Finally that old dirtbag died | Fuck the whole british royal inbred family

  1. God save the Queen schreibt:

    Oh Gott, das ist glaube ich justiziabel. Du bist ein ekelhafter Mensch und deine Seele unrettbar verloren.
    God save the Queen. Und das ein minderwertiger Dummkopf mit so einem Loser-Blog ernsthaft glaubt für den ganzen Iran zu sprechen ist nur noch größenwahnsinnig und bemitleidenswert.

  2. Tangsir schreibt:

    Fuck the Royal British incest family

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