Elite Indian emigrants in USA are enemies of human rights and the American people (And they look like a pile of dog shit too)

First of all let’s look at the hideous faces of those Indians I am about to present here. You can see clearly that they have no dignity, pride or self-respect. These Indians follow the Apartheid-culture of India to look down at ordinary people and be servants of authoritarian powers. The newest example is that fat idiot, CEO of Twitter and enemy of freedom of speech Parag Agrawal, who stated that freedom of speech is less worth than peace in society and that he don’t see why he shouldn’t see „white people“ collectively as racists. That’s why he censors Twitter and launched a smear-campaign against Elon Musk, who is about to overtake Twitter and restore freedom of speech on this platform.

Indians are raised to be servile and follow authorities without questioning it. When in power they will trample all over civil rights and do the bidding of their authoritarian overlords. These people are disgusting and that’s why most of the people don’t like Indians and don’t want to be associated with them. Over a period of 500 years 80 Millions of Indians have been slaughtered by muslim Turks and even then they did nothing to unite to confront that threat.

Kamala Harris

The result was the birth of Pakistan and Bangladesh with muslimized Indians who are even more disgusting than the Indians themselves. The cast-system in India is intact until today and that ideology lives on in people like Kamala Harris, who followed the ideology of white supremacy, kept innocent people in jail and defended pedophiles. She is not able to form a single coherent thought or sentence which is indicative of her uncreative mindset. Unfortunately she will be in power when that pervert senile sexual predator Joe Biden finally dies.

Vivek Murthy

That Cow dungs name in the above picture is Vivek Murthy and after President Donald Trump forced him to resign, the pervert child molester Joe Biden reinstated him in power and since then he spews hate and warns of disinformation, which is the new code word for suppressing the most valuable right of free speech. As you see these people are naturalized, are officially Americans, but their traditional Indian culture of servitude of authority and government is still intact, because these Indians refuse to integrate in the American culture and adapt the human rights, which are the essential part of the US constitution. And what ugly horrifying faces they have. After writing this article the first thing I am gonna do is throw up.

The deep state needs desperately these Indians, since they overthrew the legitimate President of the USA in 2020. Since then they force the pace to suppress the flow of information online. The times are changing and even Brzezinski says openly that the people are not supposed to think for themselves. The legacy media and their fading influence is there to dictate what people have to think, therefore they will not report about the corruption of Hunter and Joe Biden and even weaponize law enforcement to go after freedom loving Americans who fight for their constitutional rights.

Anand Giridharadas

The narcissistic Anand Giridharadas is full of resentment against the American society and rich people. As a man he dyes his hair and still looks like a mutherfucker. Just listen how he calls Elon Musk a racist and dangerous demagogue who misses apartheid and is a danger to women, especially women of colour. When you hear that brown piece of shit talking, you would think some BLM-activists have pushed him freshly out of their asses, so eloquently as he repeats the talking points of these neo-marxists.

Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella as the CEOs of Google and Microsoft don’t talk inflammatory and toxic shit as the other Indians here, but they also have been placed as CEO to thwart every criticism of their doing, because otherwise those critics would be called racists. Under Pichais reign as CEO Google removed their motto „not to be evil“. He did that with that naive smile of male Indians who everyone despise.

I do not know one single Indian, alive or dead, who I respect. And even in the land of the free, where they can be the better version of themselves, they decide to remain a pile of cow dung who follow that ancient and inhuman Hindu shit culture. They might be good mathematicians but they have no soul and no principles and therefore they will sell themselves to the devil.

Under my lenghty article about the 500 year long period of muslim atrocities against the Indian people, I was appalled  to read comments of a young Indian woman, defending that „glorious“ religion of islam. These people have really no soul and no dignity. Why should others have compassion for Indians, when even Indians don’t care about the massacre committed against them.

Mojib Latif

By the way, in Germany it’s the same. The Indian Mojib Latif warns since 20 years dramatically about the consequences of climate change, doing the bidding of his masters. Needless to say that not one of his alarmist forecasts about the climate catastrophe have been proving true. Now that he is an old man, his face looks more and more like an ass of a cow. And as you can see above, he smiles that Indian smile that identifies him as a creature without dignity. Ranga Yogeshwar is another German-Indian beauty. As I already stated, I do not know one single Indian who I can fully respect. The Indian culture is nasty and understandably no one likes Indians or wants to bang an Indian lady. And let’s not forget that piece of shit Sanjay Gupta:

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