German authenticity | einfach.sein

Germans are top in every possible discipline. The will for power is the only thing that matters and even being light und easy (einfach sein), means to labour hard to achieve its goal, as we see it in the newest publication of „Bauer Media Group“, a German company, that has an English name. The name of their newest publication for German women is einfach.sein und we see exaggerated female joy, forcefully initiated authenticity and the hard will to be as light and easy as possible. Fun fact: Germany is a land that categorizes his youth in generation Golf, generation x, generation y and so on, so that the youth knows how apolitical and uncaring they are excepted to be. Poor Germans have never escaped their nazi-past, because the christian churches and their allies, like Bauer Media Group, are brainwashing the Germans with this kind of „female literature“ which is only neo-christian-nazi junk.einfach.sein einfach.sein einfach.sein

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