No solidarity with Cumhuriyet

So you play the poor persecuted liberal Turks right? You write how Erdogan-Turks closed your turkish newspaper and describe the situation thouroughly, even in German. But who cares? You are not an alternative to Erdogan and the Turkish fascism. A genocide against Kurds and other minorities takes place in Turkey, Irak and Syria right now. Cumhuriyet has never addressed Turkishness, Turkish Fascism, Atatürk as a genocide champion and completer and the involuntary Turkification of various ethnicities. Cumhuriyet and all other Turks in opposition to Erdogan never questioned the Turkish history forgery made to put a fake identity on everyone living in Anatolia. The intentional destruction of cultural sites and cultural identity through Turks and Turkey is also not an issue for Turkish media or journalists. Murat, Cengiz and Timur are playing dissidents now and want us to help them and even take them in our midst and accept them as our liberal brothers who we own protection and solidarity. I will answer this request as polite as I can: Go fuck yourselfs, Fuck Turkishness, Fuck Turkification, which is always involuntary and fuck your ugly fabricated Turkish language. Fuck Cumhuriyet!

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